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How We Work

Our management training programmes are designed to be tailored for each individual businesses needs and we have a wide range of core material to draw upon. This has been built up through years of experience and study of the science of developing people and businesses.

Many of our programmes are designed as on-going training, usually with several sessions spaced weekly or more. This is because we believe fervently in the practical application of training.  How we work is that we cover two or three main topics per session and then people are challenged to go out into the real world and apply what they have learned. At the following session they will report back on what worked or did not. In this way new skills are built up over a period of time through application in the real world.

There are times, though, when a one off session is appropriate and our building blocks allow for this as well. Many of the building blocks can be delivered as stand alone training tailored to exactly what a business needs.

On-Going Training:

  • Develop Skills and attitudes
  • Drive out the fear of change
  • Get More From Less
  • Balance accountability with responsibility
  • Develop confidence to realise potential
  • Achieve a better work life balance
  • Move forward to greater success
  • Succeed in difficult time
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"Thank you again for your support and developing the teambuilding programme for the Private Finance Intitative. It was well received by both the Manchester Council and the Amey management teams. More ..."
Dave Lewis – Manchester City Council
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